Establishing a community of like minded organisations / individuals who are able to offer products / services / solutions /deeds / actions / knowledge  in  the sustainability space. 

  • Coordinate & streamline the community offerings to reach out to the society.
  • Become a bridge between the various members of the community to facilitate a co-existance framework.
  • Constantly modify and improve the co-existance framework.

  • Make available the requisite portal
  • Help develop the information framework
  • Provide a structured offering to society
  • Establish feedback mechanism

  • All Universities / R & D institutions for sharing any of their latest developments that may help in upgrading the actions of partners.
  • Micro-enterprises / individual entrepreneurs who have developed unique solutions and need development opportunities.
  • All technology providers
  • All NGO’s, Panchayats , individuals for availing the training opportunity.
  • Individuals, students
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