Campaign on Source Segregation & Composting at Chari Street, T. Nagar

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Chari Street Civic Exnora , & Samriddhi Foundation, in continuation of their efforts towards “ZERO WASTE” conducted a training program on Source Segregation & Composting held on Sunday 27th October 2013 at 35, Chari Street ,T.Nagar.  The meeting was well attended and a lot of interest was shown by residents in pursuing the various methodologies and techniques that were explained in the meeting.


Mr. R. Srinivasa Raghavan. Secretary, Mr. T.R. Srinivasan, President, Exnora Innovators’ Club T Nagar North. Sri. R. Govindaraj, Joint General Secretary, Exnora International, Shri A.P.Varadharajan, President, Chari Street Exnora , and many residents from Chari Street participated the awareness program..


Shri. R. Govindaraj, Joint General Secretary, Exnora International,  explained the need for the residents to support the initiative in leading towards ZERO WASTE.


Shri. N. Sriram & Smt. Meenakshi Sriram of Samriddhi Foundation explained about source segregation & home composting methods & techniques.  They also demonstrated & displayed an entire range of simple products which can help residents achieve these.  The principle advantage was the low cost and effort associated with the solutions while addressing the health and environmental concerns. Sri , All the residents where extremely happy with the solutions and requested that these may be demonstrated street wise in T. Nagar,( North) to reach the maximum number of households.


Shri. N. Sriram of samriddhi Foundation also informed the residents about the willingness of the Government/Corporation are also offered to  support any initiatives of ZERO WASTE and sought the support of the residents to facilitate this in an expeditious manner.


Sri R. Srinivasa Raghavan. Secretary, T. Nagar North Exnora Innovators Club, has assured the gathering that we will have regular programmes in this regard at various places in T Nagar North to make it more success.Those interested may contact :Sriram Narasimhan 9840013035/9840418822 /R.Srinivasa Raaghavan 9884447570